MAE Export Management

MAE Export Management is the leader in the management of sales, marketing of products, and services specializing in the Police, Fire, Emergency Services, Military and Outdoor Sports Markets.

MAE Export Management serves two distinct customers, Manufacturers and International Distributors. MAE Export Management is structured to be an integral part of the customers business.

What MAE Export Management does for United States Manufacturers:

MAE Export Management is a United States sourcing office for International Sales and Marketing.

MAE Export Management provides the following services:

  • Creates and executes annual sales and marketing plans
  • Gains efficiencies for manufacturers in Sales and Marketing
  • Actively seeks and sets up new distribution/sales opportunities
  • Issues a progress report activity to manufacturers on Action Items
  • Acts as your eyes and ears on competition and market issues
  • Offers other business services, which assist in overall trade
  • Promotes your image through current contacts
  • Training on managed products and services to distributors
  • Works on pricing, promotion, and promotional issues for distributor relationships

With proven disciplines, MAE Export Management partners with manufacturers, and provides them with the above listed services, without creating overhead and costs associated in supporting an internal International Sales and Marketing Division.

What MAE Export Management does for International Distributor Partners:

  • Introduce and offer high quality products and services to help them grow their business and become a leader in their country for the markets served
  • Create efficiencies by handling multiple issues resolved by one contact
  • Offer other business services which assist in their imports and businesses
  • Providing their business with a sales and support team who understands international business, who they are, and what they need
  • Work hard with the manufacturers to create brand demand and pull through for their products