MAE Logistics

MAE Logistics , a division of MAE Group International Inc., is a logistics company specializing in moving freight internationally for United States Manufacturers and International Distributor Partners. We do third party moves and consolidation services, which allow international customers to consolidate all of their United States purchases and have them shipped together.

MAE Logistics offers these services:

  • Third Party Logistics
  • Consolidation Services
  • United States Department of Commerce License


What is Third Party Logistics?

Third Party Logistics is where products are picked up at one location and shipped to another, and then billed to a Third Party. (MAE Logistics)

Why is Third Party Logistics good for my company?

Freight costs are a direct fee on product costs. The more you save, the less the product costs, which in turn makes products more affordable and less expensive. Thus resulting in a better bottom line and therefore making it more cost efficient.

How can you save me money using Third Party Logistics?

Freight costs are calculated by volume (number of moves per month or year). Imagine your buying power when you are able to ship for numerous manufacturers and hundreds of international customers. You are now obtaining purchasing power of 100's of shipments a month, resulting in lower shipping costs.

How do you ship the products?

MAE Logistics has contracts with the biggest names in freight: UPS, UPS Supply Chain, FEDEX, JAS Forwarding, and Stevens Global Logistics to name a few. You are assured that your shipment is handled by only the best in the industry.

In addition, MAE Logistics handles all the Shippers Letter of Instructions (SLI), Shippers Export Declarations (SED), Commercial Invoices (CI), and Certificate of Origins (CO, to insure that all shipments are done correctly and there are no problems with customs.

MAE Logistics offers Air and Ocean services providing:

  • Airport to Airport (Air)
  • Door to Airport (Air)
  • Door to Door (Air w/customs clearance)
  • Port to Port (Ocean)
  • Door to Port (Ocean)
  • Door to Door (Ocean)

How does MAE Logistics use your Third party services?

There are two ways to establish your Third Party services. You can inform your supplier that you are using MAE Logistics as your new forwarder and then give them our contact information. Or you can contact us with your supplier's information and MAE Logistics will contact them directly for you. It's that simple. Once the shipment is ready they will contact our offices and MAE Logistics will take care of the rest. Once the shipment is picked up you will be notified with all shipping information and then billed for the move. MAE Logistics requires a credit card on file for payment- unless you are on approved credit.


What is a consolidation service?

Consolidation services are the consolidation of multiple orders / shipments into one large shipment. In addition, it is the double-checking of orders received, so if there is a discrepancy it can be handled prior to shipment. It is also the re-packaging and securing of boxes to insure that the best dim weight is obtained. Lastly it's the final steps to prepare the shipment for international travel.

How do consolidation services save me money?

  • Did you know that every time a shipment is made internationally there is a fee associated for customs clearance? So if you reduce the amount of shipments, you will save on the clearance fees. Obviously the more shipments you receive the more you spend on overall fees.
  • Are there times when you open a package from a United States manufacturer and there are more packing supplies in the box then product? Keep in mind, on all air shipments you are getting charged for the dimensional weight of the box (length x width x height) or the actual weight of the shipment (which ever is larger). Most United States shipping departments prepare shipments the same way they would prepare a UPS ground shipment, hence they do not even think of dimensions. This could be costing you a lot in unnecessary freight charges.
  • Larger shipments save you considerable amounts of money per kilo. Take into Consideration that freight charges include pick-up, delivery, and clearance expenses that are the same for every type of shipment. When a shipment is larger the shipment kilo rate will lower, thus saving you time and money.
  • Did you also know that most suppliers add a fee or percentage to their freight? Mark-Up can be up to 20% over their costs as a profit center.

How do consolidation services work?

You advise your suppliers to ship your shipments to MAE Logistics. Once received MAE Logistics will ledger the received shipment check against accuracy of the packing list. We will notify you of the received shipment and advise you if any problems were found.

Shipments will be scheduled with MAE Logistics. The schedule can be set up to best suit your company's needs. It can be once a month, once a year, or every other Tuesday, just let us know.

Once a shipment is scheduled, our team carefully goes through your shipments and consolidates all the products into the least amount of boxes possible. This is to insure the best dimensional weight. All boxes are well secured and then shrink wrapped for added protection and safety of your shipment. Next one of our freight managers will prepare all documents and arrange the pick up of your shipment. When the shipment is picked up you will be notified with all shipping information and billed for the move plus the consolidation service. MAE Logistics requires a credit card on file for payment-unless you are on approved credit.

** Please note that many times you will be able to negotiate with suppliers for them to pay your INLAND freight bill. This is up to you to negotiate with your suppliers.


As you know security has become a very large concern worldwide. Everyday there are new products that are placed on the Export Controls list from the USA .

MAE Logistics has United States Department of Commerce license capability. We can help your company obtain the required licenses for export of controlled items.